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Benefits of PWA

Offline mode

When there is no internet connection, websites are absolutely limited to be displayed properly. On the other hand, mobile apps are often self-contained, allowing users to browse the app when not online, thus increasing the engagement and availability greatly.

App-like way

Progressive web apps are being designed like mobile apps while still having the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and database access.

Improved performance

Progressive web apps are faster because of the way that Progressive Web Apps work significantly faster due to the way the underlying technology caches and serves text, stylesheets, images and other content on the websites. As a result conversation, user experience and retention rates benefit from the improved performance.

Migration and upgradation
Zero install

Compared to mobile applications, when users install PWA’s, there are no long download times, and visitors are not routed through Google Play or the App Store, but directly downloading the app onto their device.

Migration and upgradation
Specific hardware features(eg: push notifications)

The next benefit of progressive web apps is the option of implementing different useful features, such as push notifications. Publishers and developers have full control over how to implement this option, allowing for creative solutions with regards to advertising new content.

Migration and upgradation
No app store submission

Progressive web apps don’t need to be published in Google Play, Windows Phone Apps or Apple’s App Store. Also, developers can push new updates without waiting for approvals, allowing for regular updates on a level not currently possible with traditional mobile apps. All the updates will be automatically downloaded and updated when users relaunch the app.

Why choose us?

U. S based project management

Our expertise lies in handling our clients based in the U.S. We welcome the opportunity to get in touch with you, assess your needs, and make sure that your project is brought to successful completion.

Need based consulting

We use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients take their business to the next level with results-driven e-marketing solutions.

Experienced developers

Our designers and developers are very talented and are experts in their fields. Our extensive experience managing all types of complex projects means we will handle every detail and coordinate all vendors so you can be assured that your project will be completed on time and within the budget.

Cost effective solutions

We develop e-commerce portals that not only boost conversions but also ensures outstanding user experience. Our team develops software applications with elegant themes and plug-ins.

Process oriented development

We employ quality-control checklists throughout the process and will communicate with you on a regular basis about the on-going status of your project.

Solutions driven development

For each project, we work with our clients to identify business objectives and goals, and implement measurement tools that allow for the smooth tracking and analysis of the same.

High quality assurance

We have successfully delivered projects with the sincere efforts of all our employees through the years. We ensure excellent service and communication to all our clients. We control and manage your data and help you look into customer complaints and defects.

Server and development operations

We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships, website management, and maintenance renewals and any other related technology needs.

Maintenance support

We provide round the clock support. Our team will address all the issues on time. We automate your business processes and help you to smoothly streamline your business. This shortens delays and completes transactions in minimum time. By default, all projects have free support for bugs and critical issues from development to deployment and beyond.

Companies increase their revenue by moving their platforms to PWA


In the summer of 2016, Lancôme launched their new PWA-based site and it quickly became apparent that it was a hit. It turned out to be more effective than a regular mobile website and cheaper than a mobile app.

The new site is about 50% faster than the previous one, and Lancôme's mobile sales have increased by 16% year over year.


Thanks to their PWA, which became the default mobile web experience for all users globally in April 2017, Twitter was able to re-engage mobile users more effectively, provide them with a smooth but creamy UX, while consuming less data. After implementing the "Add to Homescreen" prompt asking users to save Twitter Lite to their homescreens, Twitter has seen 250,000 unique daily users launch Twitter Lite from the homescreen – four times a day on average.


This platform was struggling with engaging mobile users who suffered from a poor UX. Because of the slow web experience for people in low-bandwidth environments and limited data plans, Pinterest managed to convert only a fraction of them into signups, logins, or native app installs.s.

The shift to a PWA that supports an app shell, add to homescreen, push notifications and asset caching, took only 3 months and led to several technological improvements. Time spent on the site is up by 40% compared to the old mobile web experience, user-generated ad revenue is up 44%, and core engagements are up 60%.


Forbes launched a PWA because they wanted to rebrand their mobile experience. They required a solution that was faster than their mobile website. Today, the Forbes PWA provides more user engagement and personalization. The design has a new format: their card stories are based on the layout of Snapchat Stories. With their new PWA, Forbes registered 43% more sessions per user and a 20% increase in ad viewability, and tripled scroll depth.


The company considered the development of a native mobile app, a new frontend, and various headless solutions, but eventually it became clear that a Progressive Web App was the best option.

The idea was to implement the new PWA front end and integrate it via API with Genesis and Netshope based backends. The final product delivered features like barcode scanning, and offline ordering enabled Staples to improve the overall user experience of mobile users while at the same time making it more consistent.

Alibaba Group

After upgrading the Alibaba and Aliexpress sites to a PWA, the company saw a considerable increase in total conversions across browsers, and the costs of the implementation were visibly limited compared to native apps.

Industries we help in digital transformation

Project Management

Application Lifecycle Management

Our Development Methodology


  • Assign team
  • Set schedule budget


  • Realize the problem
  • Define goals and requirements


  • Create graphics
  • Storyboard pages
  • Plan layout


  • Configure software and server
  • Write and test code


  • Launch application
  • Conduct kickoff steps


  • Monitor
  • Evaluate
  • Market

Our engagement models

Dedicated Resource Model

In this model, our software development agency in provides you with dedicated infrastructure and dedicated software development teams who work exclusively on your project. Choose this model if you want total control of development processes and don’t want to get into fuss of hiring employees.

  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees

Fixed Time & Fixed Price

Under this low-risk model, our offshore software development company in India works with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. Choose this model if your requirements are unlikely to alter and project duration can be determined.

  • Know what you’re getting
  • No hidden costs
  • Milestones based billing
  • Fixed Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why UI and UX are important?

    Irrespective of the type of product you are selling, the ultimate goal is always to draw potential clients and convert them into devoted customers. It is only with happy and contented clientele that you can earn high revenues and a strong market position. An attractive User Interface (UI) and seamless User Experience (UX) are essentials that keep your user engaged and invites them to use your services.

  • Which design methodologies do you follow?

    A design methodology is a professional approach to design that includes a set of principles, philosophies and techniques. The most popular design methodologies used by us include Instructional System Design, Agile Design, Design Thinking, System Thinking and X Problem.

  • What is the difference between UI and UX?

    User Interface (UI) is anything that a user interacts with to use a digital product or service. Consequently, it includes all the visual elements of an application that regulate its look and feel.
    User Experience (UX), on the other hand, refers to the experience a person has as he interacts with different aspects of a company’s products and services.

  • Which tools do you use for UI/UX development?

    We have expert designers who have complete knowledge of the latest UI/ UX prototyping tools. The UI/ UX tools used by us include Overflow, Power Mockup, Fluid UI, Visual Inspector, Sketch, InVision and Adobe Experience Design.

Why clients like working with us

  • Testimonial 5 Star

    Ours was a complex project with many specifications and intricacies. But with their solution-oriented attitude, the team connected with us seamlessly and reacted without delay giving us high-quality results as we progressed through the project. We would definitely say that Henote is the best when it comes to complex software development on demand.

  • Testimonial 5 Star

    Performance is important when working in the software industry. Collaborating with Henote Technologies has helped us proactively monitor all our applications. In case any glitch is found, we are able to troubleshoot without impacting the performance of our apps.

  • Testimonial 5 Star

    The team at Henote excels in the mobile and web-based application development domain. They were responsive to all issues and conducted the entire project with the highest degree of professionalism.