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How to lock your customers?

They Browse, They Buy, They move on. This is what happens in Ecommerce. Customers go to Ecommerce portals with the only mindset of buying the product at cheaper rate and they compare with other sites in the same browser.
So is there an option to create brand loyalty, or restrict customers from browsing too many sites to discover better prices? Mobile app is the answer to both the points. If and only if an Ecommerce website goes the mobile way, one can achieve both the points. Consumers find it extremely difficult to browse through many other websites, to compare prices, given the real estate on a smart phone. So when an app is downloaded, customers are focused and there is high probability for a sale to happen. Eventually, this practice, tunes the minds of the people to stick to one Ecommerce portal. Thus brand loyalty emerges.
Well this is one way to let customers stick to your Ecommerce app. Brand loyalty slowly builds. Nice and easy way to target the customers, if you are passionate about building your brand !

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